We are a professional and verified provider of earth works with long history and large experience in the field of earth works.


Thanks to our modern machinery and team of trained professionals, we provide earth works at any scale from small diggings to high volume transports of earth or complete area preparations.

In our large references area, you can verify that we easily realise even the most demanding projects ins restricted areas or otherwise problematic environment, always in the agreed time and for a very favourable price.

Thanks to our large machinery and vehicle fleet, we can offer complete realisation of the task in combination with our other services, such as demolitions, crane works, recycling or oversized transportation.

During all of our works we strongly emphasize safety, quality and last but not least environmental friendliness.



You can use the earth works of the Pavel Švestka, s.r.o. company for:

  • diggings
  • foundations digging
  • compacting
  • recultivation of areas after mining or disposal sites
  • earth works in restricted areas
  • water resources constructions
  • high-volume earth transports
  • complete area preparations
  • and others …


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Pavel Švestka, s. r. o.
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